OK,you are in the supermarket, you are making healthier choices on your selection of groceries and you have a taste for a veggie burger. You come across a couple a brands and find out they are priced at 4 bucks for 4 small measly ole' burgers. Now you will probably be eating veggie burgers on a regular basis, so what do you do about this economical situation? Well... make your own veggie burgers...duh! Here is a simple and budget smart recipe on making a batch of tasty large veggie burgers for about 12 dollars. Here is what you will need,

*2lb bag of black bean
*bread crumbs(1&1/2 cups give or take)
*4 eggs
*1 large onion
*1 bell pepper and (optional 1 sweet red bell pepper
*4-6 cloves of garlic
* 1/2 cup of green onion and/or leeks
*2 table spoons of dry herb of what ever you have(basil,Italian seasoning,parsley,etc..)
* 1 pouch of Lipton onion dry soup mix
*1 pouch of good sensations dry dip mix
* serving trey or dinner plates
*Reynolds Cut-Rite wax paper
*Soak your beans in water overnight and cook them according to the package directions the following day(make sure they are very soft)
*drain the beans
*do a fine chop on all of your vegetables
*place beans in a large pot then take a fork and mash the beans
*combine the beans, all of the chopped vegetables,the eggs,and least 1cup of the bread crumbs then mix very well(if the mixture is not thick enough to hang on a spoon add more bread crumbs)
*add your dry herbs and pouch of onion soup mix,then taste. If you need more flavor add 1/2 to the whole pack of the good sensations dry dip mix
*mix the mixture very well until all the ingredients are mixed in evenly.
*line your serving trey and/or plates with wax paper
* spoon the mixture on to the wax paper forming your desired size of your veggie burgers(make sure the burgers are not touching each other
*arrange your freezer to place the trey/plates in to freeze your veggie burgers(is best to make veggie burgers when your freezer is not that full)
*when the burgers are frozen they should easily peel off of the wax paper,store in freezer bags-
makes about 14-16 burgers depending on how big you have made them
*Preheat oven at 375 degrees
*grease an oven pan with nonstick cooking spray or olive/canola oil then place in veggie burger
*cook for about 10 minutes then press and flip the veggie burger with a spatula,then cook till burger is firm golden brown
These burgers are loaded with nutrition and you get more bang for your buck than 4 small measly ol' burgers. Icall them beauty burgers cause it is a beautiful thing to be able to create your own: ps.
you can create your own burger once you get the hang on how to make them,enjoy.



Habits will make or break you on your journey to better health and usually a person will have the best intentions in mind when starting on this journey. Some habits are definitely a crossroad and must be broken and/or formed to achieve your results to a healthier lifestyle. Studies have shown that it takes about 21 days to form a habit and even longer to break them.Take me for an example, there was a period of time in my life where I did no physical activity, I didn't even think about any form of exercise. Then one day I had car trouble and broke down and had to walk a mile or so to the nearest phone,that little bit of exertion tore me up. At that moment I was fully conscious of the fact that I was completely out of shape. I haven't put one foot in front of the other in the form of walking(for exercise) for a period of time in years, I even felt a little embarrassed. Well I made it to the phone and had my car serviced. I was so bothered by the fact that I felt as broke down as my car was, and up until that point I did not even care. Well,I started walking in the evenings with an mp-3 player for about 20-30 minutes and after about a week increased to one hour and have not looked back,this was in 2007. I forced myself to walk everyday or at least 3 or 4 times a week until it became a habit.I have learned that the physical make-up of a human being places us as natural born walkers, and that little car incident reminds me everyday to at least be active enough to be able to walk down the street without being exhausted. I also had to place myself in a determined mind set the moment I awakened each day to stay focused. My breathing,sleeping, and energy levels improved greatly. It really feels good knowing I formed a good habit out of a bad situation.This is what started me on the road to better healh.

Preventitive Maintenance

There are so many ways a person can sustain a healthy lifestyle and well-being. A lot of these ways fall under the category of preventative maintenance, and since we are all basically engulfed in an unhealthy environment we are all bound to get sick in one way or another. So... what is(PM)or preventative maintenance?: it is maintaining the integrity and performance of something or someone before a fault or error occurs, in this case our health. Five of the main categories of PM is the basics: air,water,food,waste,and exercise. Now depending on where you live the quality of air would be more suitable in some areas than others and unless you own an air purifier the air you breathe usually is in a condition not controlled by you. Personally I do deep breathing exercises and refrain from smoking.The human body releases 70% of it's toxins through breathing and the rest through sweat and bowel movements,and without proper oxygen to the cells of the body, it will become an acidic cancerous environment. Oxygen keeps the body in a more healthy alkaline state. If you are a smoker and wishes to seek better health you will have to stop smoking, there are no two ways around it. The #1 killer in the U.S. is smoking related cancer. The next category of PM is water. Aside from the quality of water people should be drinking, the fact is most of us do not drink enough water.Without proper hydration everything in the body will be off balanced causing ailments.70% of the body is water and proper hydration is needed to flush out harmful toxins. It is best to drink at least 9 glasses of water a day or more if doing physical exercises. The next category of PM is food. Now we all have a favorite food. It is the quality of food that is involved in preventative maintenance. Eat real food and try to stay organic as possible or whatever your finances will allow you to buy organic. Also eat more leafy green vegetables and more fruit. What I personally do is read up on the vegetarian diet and I alternate from week to week trying more healthier options until I find something I can stick with. YouTube is an excellent source of posted videos on healthy eating. Everyone is different, you will have to find an healthy option and stick with it,these videos display a variety of ideas. The last basic category of PM is waste. It is imperative that you are having proper bowel movements that will keep you regulated, specifically your colon. This is where proper hydration and nutrition come into play. A clogged colon will lead to a whole host of ailments including cancer. Keeping your colon clean is a sure fire way of keeping your internal pipes running smoothly, it is best to do a colon cleanse every six months combined with a full body detox.Regarding exercise,the human body was built to move.You have to get some form of exercise in at least 3 times a week:this will keep the body strong from wear and tear plus sweating out impurities helps keep the body from getting sick. I have noticed that people who do not exercise on a normal basis are always getting sick, coming down with something.Exercising opens up the pores releasing toxins and letting in oxygen.The bottom line to all of this is keeping your good bacteria up and your bad bacteria down before it causes an ailment.

How To Shop Organic Without Going Bankrupt

Because of the tripple pricing, shopping for organic products can sometimes be overwelming. Here are some tips that I have learned so it will not put to much of a dent in your pocket. First have a Veggie-Wash or Fit product in the fridge at all times.Veggie-Wash and Fit are products that removes the pesticides,wax,and dirt off of fruits and vegetables. You can find these products usually at your local food market or you may have to buy it off line. This is to ensure that you will be able to clean your fruits and vegetables that you do not buy organic. If you are addicted to spinach and carrots(like I am),you can become a member of Sam's Club:you can buy a 1lb tub of organic baby spinach for only $3.95 or 5lb bag of organic babycarrots for $5.95.Also the fruits and vegetables that you buy organic only eat them raw and cook with the ones you do not buy organic.When you are shopping and you see a great deal on organic food, buy it even it is something you do not normally buy;also look around town for a local farmers market.
Now regarding meat,it will always be a wise choice to buy your meats organic otherwise the animal that the meat comes from is usually pumped with steroids and hormones to make the animal grow fatter and quicker,then the meat is processed with nitrites and nitrates which in studies are known to cause cancer. What I normally do is buy my chicken that is labeled " no hormones or steroids and vegetarian fed" or I just buy organic chicken.Regarding beef , you can find deals on organic grass fed beef bundles on line,the only organic beef I have found in my town was 1lb organic ground beef at Harris-Teeter, but Harris-Teeter do carry a Naturals brand of beef that is processed without the use of hormones and steroids. It isn't organic grass fed beef but it is much better than the regular commercialized beef that is grown and pumped with all kinds of chemicals.The same information that applies to beef also applies to pork.Only eat wild caught fish because farm raised fish is also processed with chemicals.If you are buying packaged fish it will either say "farm raised" or wild caught" labeled in small print. Since beef is so expensive I only eat it(realistically)twice a month.I usually focus my food on fruits,vegetables,fish and chicken since it is easier to digest,and I may go a week without eating any meats at all.
Since recent years much attention and demand has been focused on organic food forcing supermarkets to supply them.My advice,before you go anywhere to shop for organic food try Walmart first.Walmart is now supplying a variety of organic food from organic rice to organic grapefruit and is usually cheaper than anywhere else. What you can't find there you will have to shop at places like Whole Foods,Harris-Teeter,Sam's Club,or shop on line.


Mommy/DADDY...Real Food Please

We all heard it before: health care reform!,health care reform!....I think true healthcare reform starts in educating the minds of the youth so the same mistakes will not be made in future generations concerning health choices. To Americans in need of medical insurance and everything else involved of being sick, healthcare reform simply means providing insurance for medical bills and drugs.But to the youth, healthcare reform should also be emphasized on making the right choices to stay healthy and avoiding alot of the pitfalls that spiral down to an unhealthy lifestyle and eventually getting sick or very sick in the first place.Now lets take a look at what could happen to the average child growing up in America starting out at the toddler ages of 2-5. These are the years where the toddler's brain is a curious sponge and the toddler's eating habits will really start to develop.These are also the years where the child is a target for eating loads of candy,processed and fast food. The parent(s) feed the child this stuff out of convenience and load them down with candy during the holidays, letting the child eat large amounts of it;and this happens year after year.Once the child's tastebuds are used to chemically processed sugar and salty foods, natural foods like fruits,vegetables and whole grains becomes foreign to them and in some cases the child refuses to eat them.This where it all begins.As the child grows older,lack of exercise also come into play.With the regular eating of fast food,processed food, and candy combined with lack of exercise, obesity,hypertension, and ADHD are now linked together with a poor diet.As the child reaches the ages of 16-18 the body maybe hormonally imbalanced because of poor diet where stress and depression are linked to these conditions.Then out of nowhere the child starts smoking.The child is now a young adult ages 18-21.This young adult now leads a life of poor health decisions and habits leading up to ailments causing the young adult to be in and out of the hospital.Then as the young adult matures and becomes older, the adult is one day diagnosed with diabetes and/or lung cancer.This is just an example but a very realistic one of what someone's future would look like by starting out as a toddler eating processed food,fast food, and processed sugars/salt.Now lets look at this on the flipside: Instead of the toddler being accustomed to the taste of process food,fast food and process sugars/salt,the toddler is fed fruits and vegetables and basically real natural/organic food.The parents of this toddler make it a rule to feed the toddler this way and find budget smart ways on the Internet in doing so.They also find ways into tricking the toddler into eating certain vegetables that are extremely nutritious .Now older reaching 16-18 the child is at a healthy weight and has taken up a school sport. Because of good nutritional upbringing brought on by the child's parents,the child can relate to certain vegetables(like eating broccoli),the child eats junk food at very moderate levels, and absolutely does not smoke.The child is now a young vibrant healthy adult with good healthy habits ages 18-21 and is ready to take on the world.As the young adult gets older their trips to the doctor as a sick patient are few and infrequent and he or she are making their yearly checkups.If he or she happens to fall ill due to some illness that runs in the family gene pool, they are mentally equipped to handle the situation doing the best they can. This is a perfect example of a healthy young generation brought on by proper nutrition.Furthermore since nutrition plays such a vital role in a healthy mentality and healthy attractive physique,if you want your child feeling and looking their best as they are growing please start them off very early and get their tastebuds accustomed to eating real nutritious food.


The Mean Green Chlorophyll Eating Machine

What is chlorophyll? Chlorophyll is the pigmentation of plants, giving them it's green color and allowing them to produce the process of photosynthesis. Because of chlorophyll this would be the reason why dark green leafy vegetables are so nutritious. As side from the fiber these vegetables contain, the chlorophyll in them is a blood detoxifier, it increases blood circulation,it is a natural deodorant reducing body odor, and is pact with nutrients and anti-oxidants increasing your energy.These vegetables are considered a super-food and among them are spinach, kale,kelp, wheat grass,barley and chlorella. The best way to consume these vegetables is raw to retain their nutritional properties. Juicing is a wonderful way to consume them or making smoothies which is my personal favorite. To make a smoothie all you need is a blender. Combine your choice of the leafy vegetables with purified water, add choices of fruit to sweeten(never use table sugar),blend until the texture is smooth. You can all ways adjust the ingredients for desired thickness and that is it. Increase your daily intake of leafy vegetables and become "the mean green chlorophyll eating machine", beleive me your body will love you for it.