How To Shop Organic Without Going Bankrupt

Because of the tripple pricing, shopping for organic products can sometimes be overwelming. Here are some tips that I have learned so it will not put to much of a dent in your pocket. First have a Veggie-Wash or Fit product in the fridge at all times.Veggie-Wash and Fit are products that removes the pesticides,wax,and dirt off of fruits and vegetables. You can find these products usually at your local food market or you may have to buy it off line. This is to ensure that you will be able to clean your fruits and vegetables that you do not buy organic. If you are addicted to spinach and carrots(like I am),you can become a member of Sam's Club:you can buy a 1lb tub of organic baby spinach for only $3.95 or 5lb bag of organic babycarrots for $5.95.Also the fruits and vegetables that you buy organic only eat them raw and cook with the ones you do not buy organic.When you are shopping and you see a great deal on organic food, buy it even it is something you do not normally buy;also look around town for a local farmers market.
Now regarding meat,it will always be a wise choice to buy your meats organic otherwise the animal that the meat comes from is usually pumped with steroids and hormones to make the animal grow fatter and quicker,then the meat is processed with nitrites and nitrates which in studies are known to cause cancer. What I normally do is buy my chicken that is labeled " no hormones or steroids and vegetarian fed" or I just buy organic chicken.Regarding beef , you can find deals on organic grass fed beef bundles on line,the only organic beef I have found in my town was 1lb organic ground beef at Harris-Teeter, but Harris-Teeter do carry a Naturals brand of beef that is processed without the use of hormones and steroids. It isn't organic grass fed beef but it is much better than the regular commercialized beef that is grown and pumped with all kinds of chemicals.The same information that applies to beef also applies to pork.Only eat wild caught fish because farm raised fish is also processed with chemicals.If you are buying packaged fish it will either say "farm raised" or wild caught" labeled in small print. Since beef is so expensive I only eat it(realistically)twice a month.I usually focus my food on fruits,vegetables,fish and chicken since it is easier to digest,and I may go a week without eating any meats at all.
Since recent years much attention and demand has been focused on organic food forcing supermarkets to supply them.My advice,before you go anywhere to shop for organic food try Walmart first.Walmart is now supplying a variety of organic food from organic rice to organic grapefruit and is usually cheaper than anywhere else. What you can't find there you will have to shop at places like Whole Foods,Harris-Teeter,Sam's Club,or shop on line.

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