Mommy/DADDY...Real Food Please

We all heard it before: health care reform!,health care reform!....I think true healthcare reform starts in educating the minds of the youth so the same mistakes will not be made in future generations concerning health choices. To Americans in need of medical insurance and everything else involved of being sick, healthcare reform simply means providing insurance for medical bills and drugs.But to the youth, healthcare reform should also be emphasized on making the right choices to stay healthy and avoiding alot of the pitfalls that spiral down to an unhealthy lifestyle and eventually getting sick or very sick in the first place.Now lets take a look at what could happen to the average child growing up in America starting out at the toddler ages of 2-5. These are the years where the toddler's brain is a curious sponge and the toddler's eating habits will really start to develop.These are also the years where the child is a target for eating loads of candy,processed and fast food. The parent(s) feed the child this stuff out of convenience and load them down with candy during the holidays, letting the child eat large amounts of it;and this happens year after year.Once the child's tastebuds are used to chemically processed sugar and salty foods, natural foods like fruits,vegetables and whole grains becomes foreign to them and in some cases the child refuses to eat them.This where it all begins.As the child grows older,lack of exercise also come into play.With the regular eating of fast food,processed food, and candy combined with lack of exercise, obesity,hypertension, and ADHD are now linked together with a poor diet.As the child reaches the ages of 16-18 the body maybe hormonally imbalanced because of poor diet where stress and depression are linked to these conditions.Then out of nowhere the child starts smoking.The child is now a young adult ages 18-21.This young adult now leads a life of poor health decisions and habits leading up to ailments causing the young adult to be in and out of the hospital.Then as the young adult matures and becomes older, the adult is one day diagnosed with diabetes and/or lung cancer.This is just an example but a very realistic one of what someone's future would look like by starting out as a toddler eating processed food,fast food, and processed sugars/salt.Now lets look at this on the flipside: Instead of the toddler being accustomed to the taste of process food,fast food and process sugars/salt,the toddler is fed fruits and vegetables and basically real natural/organic food.The parents of this toddler make it a rule to feed the toddler this way and find budget smart ways on the Internet in doing so.They also find ways into tricking the toddler into eating certain vegetables that are extremely nutritious .Now older reaching 16-18 the child is at a healthy weight and has taken up a school sport. Because of good nutritional upbringing brought on by the child's parents,the child can relate to certain vegetables(like eating broccoli),the child eats junk food at very moderate levels, and absolutely does not smoke.The child is now a young vibrant healthy adult with good healthy habits ages 18-21 and is ready to take on the world.As the young adult gets older their trips to the doctor as a sick patient are few and infrequent and he or she are making their yearly checkups.If he or she happens to fall ill due to some illness that runs in the family gene pool, they are mentally equipped to handle the situation doing the best they can. This is a perfect example of a healthy young generation brought on by proper nutrition.Furthermore since nutrition plays such a vital role in a healthy mentality and healthy attractive physique,if you want your child feeling and looking their best as they are growing please start them off very early and get their tastebuds accustomed to eating real nutritious food.

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