The Mean Green Chlorophyll Eating Machine

What is chlorophyll? Chlorophyll is the pigmentation of plants, giving them it's green color and allowing them to produce the process of photosynthesis. Because of chlorophyll this would be the reason why dark green leafy vegetables are so nutritious. As side from the fiber these vegetables contain, the chlorophyll in them is a blood detoxifier, it increases blood circulation,it is a natural deodorant reducing body odor, and is pact with nutrients and anti-oxidants increasing your energy.These vegetables are considered a super-food and among them are spinach, kale,kelp, wheat grass,barley and chlorella. The best way to consume these vegetables is raw to retain their nutritional properties. Juicing is a wonderful way to consume them or making smoothies which is my personal favorite. To make a smoothie all you need is a blender. Combine your choice of the leafy vegetables with purified water, add choices of fruit to sweeten(never use table sugar),blend until the texture is smooth. You can all ways adjust the ingredients for desired thickness and that is it. Increase your daily intake of leafy vegetables and become "the mean green chlorophyll eating machine", beleive me your body will love you for it.

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