Preventitive Maintenance

There are so many ways a person can sustain a healthy lifestyle and well-being. A lot of these ways fall under the category of preventative maintenance, and since we are all basically engulfed in an unhealthy environment we are all bound to get sick in one way or another. So... what is(PM)or preventative maintenance?: it is maintaining the integrity and performance of something or someone before a fault or error occurs, in this case our health. Five of the main categories of PM is the basics: air,water,food,waste,and exercise. Now depending on where you live the quality of air would be more suitable in some areas than others and unless you own an air purifier the air you breathe usually is in a condition not controlled by you. Personally I do deep breathing exercises and refrain from smoking.The human body releases 70% of it's toxins through breathing and the rest through sweat and bowel movements,and without proper oxygen to the cells of the body, it will become an acidic cancerous environment. Oxygen keeps the body in a more healthy alkaline state. If you are a smoker and wishes to seek better health you will have to stop smoking, there are no two ways around it. The #1 killer in the U.S. is smoking related cancer. The next category of PM is water. Aside from the quality of water people should be drinking, the fact is most of us do not drink enough water.Without proper hydration everything in the body will be off balanced causing ailments.70% of the body is water and proper hydration is needed to flush out harmful toxins. It is best to drink at least 9 glasses of water a day or more if doing physical exercises. The next category of PM is food. Now we all have a favorite food. It is the quality of food that is involved in preventative maintenance. Eat real food and try to stay organic as possible or whatever your finances will allow you to buy organic. Also eat more leafy green vegetables and more fruit. What I personally do is read up on the vegetarian diet and I alternate from week to week trying more healthier options until I find something I can stick with. YouTube is an excellent source of posted videos on healthy eating. Everyone is different, you will have to find an healthy option and stick with it,these videos display a variety of ideas. The last basic category of PM is waste. It is imperative that you are having proper bowel movements that will keep you regulated, specifically your colon. This is where proper hydration and nutrition come into play. A clogged colon will lead to a whole host of ailments including cancer. Keeping your colon clean is a sure fire way of keeping your internal pipes running smoothly, it is best to do a colon cleanse every six months combined with a full body detox.Regarding exercise,the human body was built to move.You have to get some form of exercise in at least 3 times a week:this will keep the body strong from wear and tear plus sweating out impurities helps keep the body from getting sick. I have noticed that people who do not exercise on a normal basis are always getting sick, coming down with something.Exercising opens up the pores releasing toxins and letting in oxygen.The bottom line to all of this is keeping your good bacteria up and your bad bacteria down before it causes an ailment.

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