OK,you are in the supermarket, you are making healthier choices on your selection of groceries and you have a taste for a veggie burger. You come across a couple a brands and find out they are priced at 4 bucks for 4 small measly ole' burgers. Now you will probably be eating veggie burgers on a regular basis, so what do you do about this economical situation? Well... make your own veggie burgers...duh! Here is a simple and budget smart recipe on making a batch of tasty large veggie burgers for about 12 dollars. Here is what you will need,

*2lb bag of black bean
*bread crumbs(1&1/2 cups give or take)
*4 eggs
*1 large onion
*1 bell pepper and (optional 1 sweet red bell pepper
*4-6 cloves of garlic
* 1/2 cup of green onion and/or leeks
*2 table spoons of dry herb of what ever you have(basil,Italian seasoning,parsley,etc..)
* 1 pouch of Lipton onion dry soup mix
*1 pouch of good sensations dry dip mix
* serving trey or dinner plates
*Reynolds Cut-Rite wax paper
*Soak your beans in water overnight and cook them according to the package directions the following day(make sure they are very soft)
*drain the beans
*do a fine chop on all of your vegetables
*place beans in a large pot then take a fork and mash the beans
*combine the beans, all of the chopped vegetables,the eggs,and least 1cup of the bread crumbs then mix very well(if the mixture is not thick enough to hang on a spoon add more bread crumbs)
*add your dry herbs and pouch of onion soup mix,then taste. If you need more flavor add 1/2 to the whole pack of the good sensations dry dip mix
*mix the mixture very well until all the ingredients are mixed in evenly.
*line your serving trey and/or plates with wax paper
* spoon the mixture on to the wax paper forming your desired size of your veggie burgers(make sure the burgers are not touching each other
*arrange your freezer to place the trey/plates in to freeze your veggie burgers(is best to make veggie burgers when your freezer is not that full)
*when the burgers are frozen they should easily peel off of the wax paper,store in freezer bags-
makes about 14-16 burgers depending on how big you have made them
*Preheat oven at 375 degrees
*grease an oven pan with nonstick cooking spray or olive/canola oil then place in veggie burger
*cook for about 10 minutes then press and flip the veggie burger with a spatula,then cook till burger is firm golden brown
These burgers are loaded with nutrition and you get more bang for your buck than 4 small measly ol' burgers. Icall them beauty burgers cause it is a beautiful thing to be able to create your own: ps.
you can create your own burger once you get the hang on how to make them,enjoy.

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